PowerTime presents a unique franchise opportunity that combines your love for boating and water with your strong business acumen. Recognized as the most thrilling franchise opportunity in the boating industry over the last two decades, PowerTime offers a pathway to challenge yourself and reap rewarding experiences.

As a franchisee, you not only get to be your own boss but also escape the corporate grind, leading the way in a booming industry. With hard work and investment, PowerTime promises a venture that is both financially and personally fulfilling, setting you on a course towards an exciting and enjoyable career.

Will and kelsey tome at the harborage at ashley marina in downtown charleston.


PowerTime’s program is designed for serious business professionals focused on building a thriving business, not just individuals seeking a new way into boating. Ideal PowerTime Franchisees are committed to excellence, aiming to provide top-notch service to members. They are community-oriented, business-savvy individuals eager to serve their local boating community.

We’ve simplified the startup process, equipping you with necessary tools and knowledge, while handling most logistics. This allows you to focus on marketing and expanding your member base. A PowerTime franchise can initially be operated from a home office, offering a scalable model that grows with your success.


Meet The Team

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Kristen Diviney McGarr

Director of Information Technology and Franchise Systems
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Bob Remsing

COO, Base Owner

direct sales







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PowerTime is not a get-rich-quick scheme. PowerTime is a franchise business opportunity that requires hard work and investment, but allows you to be your own boss and provides the opportunity to make your escape from the corporate world. What PowerTime has waiting for you is a rare opportunity to be an industry leader in a growing business that is financially and personally rewarding, challenging, exciting and fun.

Our program is not suitable for just anyone that wants a new way to get into a boat. Our program is for serious business professionals that want to build a business. Successful PowerTime Franchisees are committed to providing the most professional service possible to our members. They are friendly, neighborhood based, business-oriented people with a desire to serve the local boating public.

Our PowerTime Franchisees have a commitment to Customer Service and excellence that is second to none in the boating industry. Our commitment to the boating industry is to be the Starbucks of boating, and we are well on our way to achieving this lofty goal.


from marinas

Jaret Rogers, Burnt Store Marina Manager in Punta Gorda, Florida

"PowerTime has been an excellent addition to our marina. The yachts are impeccably maintained, and the staff and members are courteous and friendly.”

Bill Endsley, Assistant Controller at Chicago Harbors

"PowerTime Chicago has been a part of Chicago Harbors for many years and is one of our premier Fractional Boat Clubs. For decades they have had an excellent working relationship with our administrative staff as well as the Harbor Managers and Dock Masters. With so many new players on the market, PowerTime stands out as a proven and trusted provider of the Chicago Lakeshore Lifestyle."

Seth Lehner, General Partner Horn Point Harbor Marina in Annapolis, Maryland

“As General Partner of Horn Point Harbor Marina in Annapolis, I am thrilled to share the remarkable impact bothSailTime and PowerTime have on our marina. The decision to partner with these clubs, which use only new model yachts in their unique membership program, has proven to be immensely beneficial to the property. One of the most noticeable benefits has been the increase in our marina’s occupancy rates. Boat owners and visitors alike are drawn to the marina’s vibrant atmosphere, filled with newer boats provided by SailTime and PowerTime. This has not only enhanced the overall aesthetic appeal of our marina; but, has also attracted more boat owners who appreciate a modern and well-maintained fleet. Moreover, SailTime and PowerTime have significantly boosted our revenue streams. For each slip occupied by these clubs, we have seen an influx of eight new clients who patronize not only our marina, but also the surrounding businesses. This has created a ripple effect, benefitting the entire local economy. Additionally, SailTime has brought a new vitality to our marina. The community of boaters, consisting of both newcomers and seasoned sailors, has transformed the marina into a lively destination. Every day, our marina buzzes with activity and excitement, making it the preferred choice for boaters in the area. In conclusion, the partnership with SailTime and PowerTime has been a game-changer for Horn Point Harbor Marina. The new model yachts, increased occupancy rates, and vibrant community have all contributed to making our marina a premier destination for boaters. If you are in the marina business and would like to take your operation to the next level, we highly recommend partnering with SailTime and PowerTime!”

working together

as a powertime franchise

When you start your own PowerTime Franchise you will be given hands-on training with members of our team on everything from sales and marketing, using the systems and operating/ maintaining your fleet.

A Message

From Our President

SailTime Group, the world’s leading fractional boat membership franchise, announced the launch of PowerTime, a new boating membership program specializing in high-end powerboats and yachts. As the sharing economy continues to grow and expand, the booming demand for Easy, Affordable and Smart ways to get on the water seems indisputable. And the validation of our innovative, membership-based approach comes from the most important source of all: the 1000+ enthusiastic, paying members who are leading happier, healthier, and less stressful lives thanks to PowerTime. We are looking for the right people…individuals and groups with the resources, vision, and dedication to excellence it will take to introduce the exciting PowerTime concept to their market. If you think the PowerTime franchise opportunity might be right for you…and that you might be suitable for PowerTime…please fill out and submit our confidential information request, or give us a call with any questions today.
We look forward to hearing from you soon.
Todd Hess, President, The PowerTime Group, LLC

franchise training & support

come aboard

ready to join our team

Most businesses require a huge capital investment. With PowerTime, you can build your fleet using the Owner Member Programs, i.e. other people buy the boats and you simply sell memberships into each boat. You’ll still need to provide initial capital but you can easily build a large fleet without the levels of capital required from many other businesses.

The PowerTime business model is rare since it does not require long-term leases of space, labor investments, large inventory, and equipment expenses. Talk to one of our PowerTime experts and find out how SailTime is a winning proposition for all involved.

Please take the time to thoroughly review this website, it provides a wealth of information on our programs and how the business works.

Request a meeting with our business development team by clicking the button below. 

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Franchise Opportunities

From its inception, the PowerTime concept was designed to be a great business to own. As a PowerTime franchise owner, you’ll enjoy a number of advantages, including:

When you become a PowerTime franchise owner, you are joining the team that pioneered membership-based fractional boating products. PowerTime is committed to being an innovative leader in the marine industry.

Providing attractive membership pricing in exchange for an ongoing monthly membership fee is one of the key innovations of the PowerTime concept.

The membership fee and automatic payment structure is designed to encourage ongoing member participation and visits, a steadier, more predictable sales cycle and to reduce administration time and billing time.

PowerTime and its individual locations deploy energetic marketing programs designed to attract first-time and experienced customers, to establish a strong referral network and to encourage high client usage and retention. Tactics include, website, PPC, SEO, email marketing, direct mail, print, public relations, phone directory, word-of-mouth, boat show and open house campaigns.
While boating and boating may be an ancient art, our back end and support system is state-of-the-art. PowerTime customized management software helps coordinate all aspects of the business, from fleet operations, member scheduling to membership and sales tracking to financial management and reporting.

In addition to potential membership and core service fees, PowerTime has created and continues to develop new and improved products that maximize sales through additional potential revenue centers.

Please see our site for existing products as upcoming products we will not mention here.

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Boat like you own it!

Get more info now to learn about joining PowerTime in your local area. You are on the right track to an Easy, Affordable and Smart way of getting on the water!