Fractional boat club in Anacortes, WA

Boating Adventures


PowerTime is a fractional boating program that allows our members to have fun boating adventures aboard a well-outfitted, professionally maintained powerboat
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Boat all season long for an easy monthly fee

We are the only shared program in the industry to offer fractional membership and boat-management for midsize power boats.


Our Innovative management program

Are you ready to do more boating than just a few hours on a
rental boat? Then becoming a PowerTime owner may be the
perfect option for you!





Known as the gateway to the San Juan Islands, Anacortes is the perfect jumping off point to cruise this spectacular National Monument. Over 170 islands make up the San Juan Islands archipelago, offering boaters endless days of island exploration and wildlife viewing. Come join us in Anacortes, your adventure awaits!


Hands-on Training

PowerTime Anacortes offers hands-on training, provided by USCG-Certified Captains. During these courses, you’ll learn about the following:

Robust docking practice

Advanced techniques for close-quarters handling

Safe and secure anchoring for day cruises and overnights

In-depth local knowledge and chart review

Thorough boat systems review

High-speed handling with a focus on fuel efficiency


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