Frequently Asked Questions: PowerTime Member

How Does A PowerTime Membership Work?

PowerTime is just like a gym membership, but on the water. You join at a location near where you live, pay a monthly fee, use the equipment, clean it up when you are finished, and leave – without all the ownership responsibilities. PowerTime also provides an online scheduling system and an electronic check-on and check-off system that makes it easy to schedule your boating time and ensures the boat is always clean and ready to go. PowerTime is perfect for anyone who wants a smarter and more realistic way to use a new boat.

What Is The Maximum Number Of Fractional Boaters On A Given Yacht?

Because of our different levels of membership (Lite, Classic, and Premier) our boats have a variable maximum of members. A Premier membership is guaranteed 1/4 (25%) of the available time, a Classic member receives 1/8 (12.5%) of the time, and a Lite member 1/16th (6.25%).  We never sell over 100%.

What Is The Cost?

This depends on the size of the boat and the amount of boating you want. Certain markets may charge more due to local insurance rates, location slip rates and seasonal conditions. For more information visit the locations page of our website www.powertimeboating.com and click on the base you are interest in.

Will My Costs Go Up If There Are Fewer Members On The Boat?

No. The PowerTime model has been specifically crafted to alleviate this type of pitfall and ensures that Members pay a flat monthly fee only.

How Much Cash Will I Be Required To Pay When I Join PowerTime?

This depends on the size of the boat and the location. Typically, for a new Jeanneau Leader 9.0, there will be a joining fee in the amount of $1500 which is a great value considering the size of the NEW boat and the other real costs that it takes to launch such a vessel. Other costs may be required due to local training requirements.

What Is The Length Of The Commitment?

Most locations offer a one year commitment.

Do I Need To Sign A Contract? Can I See It?

Yes. For more information visit the locations page and click on the base you are interest in and out local base owner will be more than happy to share this with you.

Am I A Part Owner Of The Yacht When I Join PowerTime?

Nope. Shared ownership of the boat creates many complexities. The yacht is owned by a PowerTime Owner-Member. If you are interested taking advantage of our Owner Member program, speak to your local PowerTime representative.

Are There Any Other Maintenance/Upkeep Fees That Will Be Assessed?

No. But if you lose an item or damage the vessel you will pay for replacement or up to the insurance deductible.

Can Two People Share One Membership?

Yes. There are some details that need to be reviewed to do so. For more information visit the locations page and click on the base you are interest in.

How Do You Schedule The Boating Times?

Our exclusive and proprietary on-line PowerTime scheduling software. The software allows you to reserve, wait list and swap bookings 24/7 in real-time by selecting a maximum of seven times per month and more on an as-available basis. Additionally, you have the ability to borrow time from adjacent months.

How Long Is One of My Uses?

Every day is broken into 2 times: 10:30am to 6:00pm, and 6:30pm overnight to 10:30 the next morning. You can schedule one sail at a time, or put several together for a multiple day trip.

Can I See The Yacht Ahead Of Time?

Absolutely! Just call to schedule an appointment.

How Is The Boat Outfitted?

Our boats in each location are fully loaded with luxury appointments and the latest electronics for the appropriate weather and boating conditions. Speak with your local PowerTime Base Owner for specific details.

Can I Stay Overnight On The Yacht?

Absolutely.  Our scheduling system allows for it, and most of our yachts are outfitted for overnighting.

Who Is Responsible For Washing Down The Boat?

Members wash down the yacht after their use and remove their trash, etc. Members use the Embark system to check on and check off the boat each time they sail. Embark helps hold individual members accountable by reporting the condition of the boat when they board and leave.

How Do You Handle Irresponsible / Uncooperative / Non-Paying Members?

The Member agreement provides for the removal of Members who abuse PowerTime’s policies.

Can I Become A Member First And Then Upgrade To Become An Owner-Member?

Yes. Many of our Owner-Members start with our program as members. They become familiar with how the program works, how the boats are maintained, and become comfortable with the local base owner. When they are ready they take advantage of our terrific Owner-Member program to own th boat of their dreams.

This Seems Too Good To Be True!

Thanks, PowerTime has invested a lot of time, effort, and technology into designing a program that opens up the world of big boat boating to a whole new group of people. We hope you’ll try it!