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Outsmart the High Price of Gas

Simply put, the boating lifestyle is a “simple” way to outsmart the high price of gas. You are probably thinking we are going to extoll the virtues of windpower here but you would only be half-right. It takes more than a sail catching wind to fully outsmart that devil gas pump! A change in how you spend your free time will have much more impact than arguing sail versus power.


What if, instead of hopping in the car and taking the traditional family vacation this Summer, you signed up the family for boating lessons? We are talking about boating lessons on a big, comfortable powerboat, capable of delivering hours of fun and excitement, relaxation, and even a place to sleep at night. There’s a bonus to this way of thinking too! Sailing is something an entire family can enjoy together; young and old. Here is how it could go if you change your mindset. Early in the Summer you and your crew will learn the basic boating skills. Then you will spend free time differently; perfecting those skills. By the end of the Summer, you can take advanced ASA boating lessons which include overnighting on the boat and anchoring in a place away from home port! Instead of one long week or if you are really lucky, two weeks of vacation, maybe you can make some long weekends throughout the Summer months and really get the hang of this boating thing!

Come next year, when gas is higher than it is this Summer, you will be feeling pretty smug. You have invested in a sport that uses hardly any gas to have fun. You don’t have to travel far to get to your “vacation vehicle”, the boat. And that big Summer vacation you always take can be spent discovering little known places on the water that really aren’t that far away from home.

When you consider that you can have an annual boating membership with PowerTime for about the same cost as your one or two week traditional vacation, we think you will agree that this could be the lifestyle change you have been yearning for. It’s why we say all the time, “Stop dreaming and start boating.” If you get started this Summer there will be years and years of family memories to make!

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