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PowerTime helps you create your own “A Good Run” life story of memories with friends and family!

We all strive every day to do the best we can to work hard, have fun, enjoy family and friends and leave a legacy of memories that are rich in character and life experiences.  We at PowerTime strongly support that endeavor along with the Discover Boating team and provide the platform to create the opportunity to tighten the family and friendship bonds.  We provide the time and space to create memories and experiences that will last a lifetime.  Whether it is your first sail by yourself, for your friend or family member; or if it is a night at an anchorage with wine, music and laughter, we have delivered on thousands of occasions already!

In this video an elderly Grandpa sits and reflects on how the moments he spent on the water have added to his life and all the areas that his passion has affected his life.  I will guarantee that this video will stir up some emotion, so sit back and enjoy this and reflect on how you will create the memories you want for you and yours!

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