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San Francisco Doesn’t Miss a Beat!

You would think it would be hard to beat 2013 at PowerTime San Francisco. Last year saw the excitement of the America’s Cup transcend the bay and kept members captivated day after day with their remarkable speeds and maneuvers! Now, life goes back to normal. But that doesn’t mean “ho-hum” for our base in San Francisco Bay.


The base kicks off 2014 by offering demo rides on Hull #1 of the all-new Marlow-Hunter 40 pictured above. Contact the base to get more info on times and dates during January and February. Speaking of which, there is a brand new boat show in town, happening on January 23-26 next to the Giants ballpark. Lisa Chapin, Base Owner, says, “We need to add more powerboats to our program here. The demand is huge and we want to meet it so everybody can enjoy this great lifestyle.” While the new 40 footer is on her wish list, she wants to talk with anybody interested in a 33, 36 or 37 as well, because the base will add at least 2-3 new models this year. As enticement, every new boat owner gets a free 1-week bareboat charter in the Caribbean this year!


PowerTime San Francisco is also an American Sailing Association (ASA) boating school. They added the “Cruising Catamaran,” ASA 114, and “Advanced Coastal Cruising,” ASA 106. These new courses rounds out a complete boating lesson program ┬áin San Francisco that can take a novice sailor all the way to world passage maker.

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