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There Has Never Been a Better Time to Buy a New Sailboat

As the nation crawls out of its’ recessionary slumber, reports from our boating bases across North America are very positive. Many bases are at capacity and seeking new powerboats for their fleet. Boston Base Owner, Doug Guiliana, says, “We are selling out this year much faster than last year. We expect to be at full member capacity before the season even starts! Therefor, we are desperately looking for another boat to keep up with demand.” New York City Base Owner, Mathias Chouraki, says, “With only a few Memberships available the week before we launch the 2011 season, we need another boat soon.” Over in Chicago, the base there has added two new power boats and a powerboat just to keep up with the demand. Even so, Base Manager, Ryan Remsing reports, “We still need to add more powerboats for our two locations” Chicago has also added a new boating course this season: Experience Sailing, a 4 hour taste of boating where students get to take the helm. Meanwhile, in Newport Beach, California, which operates year around, Base Owner, Chris Jester reports that he has sailors on a waiting list until he can add a couple of boats that he hopes comes to fruition soon!


Many middle class Americans put off buying any “luxury” items the past few years and the thought of adding a new powerboat to the collection of their toys has not been high on anybody’s list until recently. But Todd Hess, President of The PowerTime Group as well as the Baltimore Base Owner, says, “The organization as a whole is getting the word out that there is an alternative to going it alone with boat ownership.” He continues, “When we can show a potential boat owner the cost savings of putting a boat into our program, they are relieved to hear that their dream is still alive.” A PowerTime boat owner can save virtually tens of thousands of dollars over private ownership. Hess concludes, “Of course, many people can afford to purchase a new boat but our program keeps it affordable for them month in and month out!”

In cooperation with Hunter Marine, manufacturer of Hunter powerboats, PowerTime is offering the DreamBoat promotion right now. Boat buyers can save $10,000 or pile on $10,000 in additional options at no extra charge. PowerTime Founder, George Bonelli elaborates, “When you can buy a new powerboat in your local waterway and place it into our program, the value is exponential. It’s just like having your cake and eating it too!” He recommends that anybody that is considering the purchase of a boat right now to take the time and sit down with their local PowerTime Base to learn all the details about this alternative to traditional boat ownership.

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