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PowerTime is a fractional boating program that allows our members to have fun boating adventures aboard a well-outfitted, professionally maintained powerboat. PowerTime members select a powerboat from our local fleet and the membership package that matches the amount of time they want to cruise. Then they book their own dates online, using our proprietary scheduling system.

Beneteau Swift Trawler 35 going into dock at sunset

Boat all season long for an easy monthly fee

At PowerTime Newport Beach our goal is to make boating accessible, affordable and worry free, for you on a highly upgraded yacht.

PowerTime provides access to the lifestyle that you and your family will love. Our fractional boating program is the financially intelligent way to experience more of what the yachting life has to offer. Leave the hard work of boat maintenance to us and we’ll leave the enjoyment of boating to you.

Whether you enjoy a relaxing cruise in Dana Point, a weekend to Catalina, or pulling up for dinner at one of Newport’s waterfront restaurants, PowerTime is a great way to pursue your passion for life without all the hassles of boat ownership.

Send us an e-mail or call us and we’ll show you how easy it is to become a PowerTime member. We look forward to hearing from you!


Our Innovative management program

Are you ready to do more boating than just a few hours on a rental boat? Then becoming a PowerTime owner may be the perfect option for you!

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Hands-on Training

PowerTime Newport Beach offers hands-on training, provided by USCG-Certified Captains. During these courses, you’ll learn about the following:

Robust docking practice

Advanced techniques for close-quarters handling

Safe and secure anchoring for day cruises and overnights

In-depth local knowledge and chart review

Thorough boat systems review

High-speed handling with a focus on fuel efficiency


PowerTime Blog

PowerTime Offers New Option for Fun-Seeking Boaters

Jason Mendell is a successful luxury real estate agent in Portland, Oregon. He is also a family man, and he loves spending quality time with his wife and two young children. Jason, who grew up on the water, needed an activity that would help him enhance his business relationships and enjoy time off with his family. He found PowerTime, and he hasn’t looked back.

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