PowerTime Ownership Vs. Traditional Ownership

There are very few reasons for owning a boat in a traditional manner any more. The fact is, even owners with the best intentions only use their boat a fraction of the time. The costs don’t go down when you are not using the boat.

Instead, when you buy a boat with PowerTime, you have a professional partner who will take care of your precious asset for you. In fact, many of the month to month costs associated with traditional ownership are not found in the PowerTime boat ownership plan. The only stipulation is that you have to be willing to share. We take care of everything else. Many Owners tell us, we take care of their boat for them better than they would for themselves!

Consider The Benefits:

  • Monthly revenue for using your boat in the shared membership program
  • Slip fees, insurance and maintenance costs are covered
  • Regular access with guaranteed monthly usage, plus unlimited last minute reservations booked online 24/7
  • Professional yacht management so when you step on board it’s ready and waiting to go
  • PowerTime Marine Financing helps you get the best possible boat loan
  • Insurance coverage is provided and designed specifically for PowerTime
  • Orientation and training is performed by PowerTime staff
  • World-wide access through the PowerTime Plus program

There are also several exciting options for you to consider at the end of your management term with PowerTime. Make an appointment with your local base to learn all about our Owner Member Program where you live.

Take a look at our FAQs for more info