Earn generous revenue while you cruise with PowerTime’s Innovative Yacht Management Program.

We handle the dirty work

Professional boat management

Regular boat maintenance is a big expense and requires significant time and expertise. PowerTime boat owners don’t have to worry about those headaches. Your local base manager will be notified, via the PowerTime Embark app, every time your boat departs and returns. They will handle regular maintenance, preventative care and repairs. As a boat owner, you will be kept well-informed of your boat’s rigorous upkeep.

Life on the water

Modern boat ownership

Our boat owners don’t see sharing their boat as a trade-off, rather an enhancement.  They still go boating as much as they normally would, and get the benefits of professional management and regular income on their investment

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Exclusive Access

Monthly Usage

As a PowerTime boat owner, you will have guaranteed monthly usage of your boat using PowerTime’s proprietary online scheduling system. You choose how much boating you want, and how much to share with members. Also, pick up last-minute reservations booked online within 36 hours. Your boat will be docked at a local marina, ready to go with the fuel and water tanks topped off. This makes going for a day trip a convenient and pleasant experience.

Earn while boating

Consistent revenue

You are the sole owner of your boat and you will receive all the financial benefits of ownership without the time requirements of owning a boat. This is a stress-free, practical, and affordable way to own the boat that best suits your lifestyle. PowerTime manages the costs and provides you with consistent revenue through the Membership Program.*

Own Today

Exclusive access

Guaranteed usage, unlimited reservations, professional management, and the opportunity to earn revenue? What are you waiting for? Become a PowerTime owner and enjoy life on the water.