Frequently Asked Questions: PowerTime Owner

How Many People Own The Boat?

You will be the sole owner of the boat and have all the benefits of ownership without all the costs.

How Much Do I Get Paid?

This depends on the boat size, however our Owner-Member program is designed so that you will receive a monthly payment from PowerTime’s local base that will allow you to defray a considerable portion of the monthly expense.

Are There Any Tax Advantages?

Typically, there are very advantageous tax advantages. Please investigate these with your CPA so that you can receive maximum benefit.

How Long Will PowerTime Keep My Boat?

PowerTime’s local base will professionally manage your boat for up to 5 years while you enjoy a PowerTime Premier membership. This 5 year period is broken into a 3-year initial plan with two one-year options.

Can I Remove My Boat From The Program?

Yes, with 9 months notice, you can remove your boat from the program.

Who Maintains The Boat?

PowerTime’s local base manager.

Who Pays The Marina Fees?

PowerTime’s local base

Who Pays The Insurance?

PowerTime’s local base

What If The Boat Is Damaged By Another Member?

PowerTime’s local base will take care of it immediately and make sure that the responsible person covers the cost.

Can I See The Owner Agreement?

Yes. Contact your local PowerTime base.

What Are The Specifications Of My Boat?

The PowerTime fleet consists of 30′ and larger powerboats. Sail boats and catamarans are available in our SailTime Ownership program. Each are equipped with virtually every available amenity and option. These boats are the perfect blend of comfort, ease of handling and good performance.

Do I Get Special Scheduling Privileges?

As an Owner-Member, you are guaranteed a Premier membership giving you 14 sail times per month, as well as unlimited as available use. This is more than the usual boat owner uses their boat on average.

Can I Put My Existing Boat Into The Program?

We only put new boats into our program. This gives a consistent and excellent experience to all our Members worldwide.

How Do You Handle Irresponsible People On My Boat?

The Membership Agreement provides for the removal of Members who abuse PowerTime’s policies.

What Is The Down Payment?

Typically you will put down 20% of the sales price.

Can I Meet The Members Using My Boat?

Each PowerTime base holds frequent social gatherings for Members. You’re welcome to join in.

How Can I Be Sure My Boat Will Be Treated Properly?

PowerTime ensure’s only qualified users are on your boat. Every new member is given hands-on training including docking practice, boat systems review, and more on their membership boat. Additionally, each PowerTime Member must sign a Care Commitment document, which ensures that they treat the boat as if they own it. Each Member is familiar with your boat’s operation and standards of care.