Global Access

PowerTime Plus…When you want to go boating here or there!
PowerTime Plus

Opens Up a World of Possibility

As a PowerTime Member or Owner Member, you have the option to enjoy access to any of our locations worldwide! Enjoy your PowerTime Membership at other PowerTime locations worldwide in addition to boating more at home with PowerTime PLUS!

PowerTime PLUS makes reserving a boat in another PowerTime base easy and affordable. You can now reserve a boat from a simple day cruise up to 7 full days of cruising anywhere PowerTime has a boat available.

VIP Treatment

One to One Attention

PowerTime PLUS is attractively priced, especially when compared to chartering a boat and you can rest assured you will get the same great service you are accustomed to at your home PowerTime base whenever you visit a new PowerTime base.

Also, you will be fully familiar with the boat, the systems and thorough check on/off process you are used to at home, which will be similar in your destination location! Lastly, you will experience one-to-one attention from our PowerTime Base Manager and not just be a “one of the crowd” renter.

Nimbus 305 cruising on the water with a rocky shoreline in the background

Take Advantage of PowerTime Plus

When you want to take advantage of PowerTime plus all you will need to do is provide some information in a simple web form and you will be contacted to finalize details. You provide the base owner with your boating experience, and the days that you’d like to go boating. They will use any unused member cruise times available in their fleet to schedule the time for you. Then they will meet you at the boat for an on board orientation and check-out.


Local Base Benefits

PowerTime PLUS also applies locally at your home base location and provides even more opportunities to get on the water. Pricing for PowerTime PLUS in your home base location is a great value. It gives Members the ability to use larger or smaller boats, or cruise out of other local marinas; making your local PowerTime experience even more valuable.

Prices subject to local taxes, and other fees. As available only and may vary by location.

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