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Beneteau Sailboats Join Mix!

At the Miami Strictly Sail Boat Show, sailors will notice a brand new Beneteau 37 parked at the PowerTime display. It’s not a mirage! At the show, we are debuting our newest partnership with Beneteau America. Our San Francisco boating  Base Owner, Captain Lisa Chapin, who has already sold a 2015 Beneteau Oceanis 38 into the program there, said, “More choices keeps our program exciting and Beneteau is the perfect compliment to our Hunter Yachts.” Both brands are built in America. Additionally, another West Coast Base in Marina del Rey has just put an order in for a Beneteau Oceanis 45.

Powertime san francisco's new beneteau 38, shangrila, joins the fleet!
Powertime san francisco’s new beneteau 38, shangrila, joins the fleet!

Captain Chapin said, “Our first Beneteau sale came from a member who has been in our program for 7 years!” Many Owner Members come from the ranks of our membership because they know, understand, and in the case of a 7 year-long member, love our program!

In Miami, you can step aboard a new Oceanis 37 and talk with Miami Base Owner, Captain Jim Brinkerhoff, about all the possibilities this base offers. He says, “We would like to add a Beneteau 35, 37 and 45 to our Miami boating here in Coconut Grove.” Not only will Capt. Brinkerhoff be showing the new Beneteau. The Miami PowerTime Hunter 40 is in the water at the Hunter display at the show. The base will also have a Hunter 33 at its dock which is headed to our newest base, PowerTime Southwest Florida, in Punta Gorda, boating out of  the popular Burnt Store Marina. You can meet the new base owners at the show and learn their exciting plans to develop PowerTime on the Southwest Coast of Florida. But that’s not all! PowerTime Miami just took delivery of a Gemini Catamaran which will be used by the Miami boat show  and Discover Sailing for Discovery Sails before heading into the membership boating program there.

Miami boat show debut of the beneteau/powertime partnership
Miami boat show debut of the beneteau/powertime partnership

“Expanding our fleet to Beneteau powerboats will motivate a whole new segment of sailors to consider PowerTime as a means to sail one for a full season. It will also attract many new sailors that would like to experience boating a Beneteau before they purchase one”, said Todd Hess, President of PowerTime. “We know the Beneteau brand is a good fit for PowerTime as it is already a primary brand for our base locations outside of North America. This partnership will result in growth for both companies. For PowerTime, it will add more members and expend our fleet. for Beneteau, it will generate more boat sales and llow more sailors to experience the quality of the Beneteau brand.”

“We are thrilled this partnership will give more poeple the opportunity to experience boating on a Beneteau”, commented Laurent Fabre, President of Beneteau America. “We have incorporated unique specifications into the boats delivered to PowerTime to meet the needs of their fleet. There is no doubt this program is the perfect compliment to our existing network of Authorized Beneteau dealerships, which remain exclusive distributors of new Beneteau yachts”, added Fabre.

Needless to say, its all happening in Miami for the boat show. but that excitement is sure to boil over at over two dozen PowerTime bases across North America.

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