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Chicago Base Hosts End of Season Party

This is a sad time of year for members of PowerTime in Chicago. It’s when we bring the boats up north to Wisconsin for Winter storage at the Hunter dealer Racine Riverside Marina. So to lessen everyone’s pain we hosted a party for members and prospective members to get together to see old friends and perhaps make a few new ones. This Years party was held Sunday October 18th at the Weathermark Tavern in the South Loop on Michigan Ave. The Weathermark is decked out in full Nautical theme. What better place to swap boating stories amongst friends!

Considering the unseasonably cool and wet weather we’ve had the past 30 days of the season, turnout was good due to a beautiful sunny and warm day. Weathermark Tavern owner Mark Stern and server Meggie were very accommodating with professional service & tasty food.

Weathermark tavern 008

Mike & Jan Davino, PowerTime training students, arrived at the party barely knowing anyone. Within a short time they were talking with Dave & Leesa Thompson, Herb & Lynn Strauss, all longtime members making plans for boating next season. Interestingly enough all these members learned to sail with PowerTime and sail out of Winthrop Harbor. “We have seen a lot of friendships deveolp over the years between our members” mentioned Maureen Remsing of PowerTime Chicago. “There is a common interest that ties people to one another. In that many PowerTime members are new to the sport when joining, it is easy to see the connection.”

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One of the benefits of getting to know other PowerTime members is that eventually you go boating with each other if you like. Members can put their sail times together to make longer trips possible. Creating good memories for years to come is what boating is all about.

PowerTime Chicago will be entering our 6th Season in 2010. It has been a wonderful experience meeting so many people and getting to know them these past few years. “That is the best part of this whole business, the people that come into your life through the common interest of Boating”.

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