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Our Boat Owners and Hurricanes

When a hurricane is predicted to come your way, how can you prepare your boat for all the potential things that can go wrong?

1) Have a plan already

2) Get started preparing as early as possible

3) Prepare for the worst and hope for the best

4) If you are a PowerTime Boat Owner, sit back and relax

That’s right, while all of your boat owning neighbors rush about, you can bask yet again in the glow of making an intelligent buying decision; placing your new boat into service at a PowerTime base in your local waterway!


There are so many decisions to be made when the storm approaches. The biggest decision will be to leave your boat in the water or take it out. How and where you take it out will be every bit as critical as the decision to take it out in the first place or not. In many instances the storm surge will severely damage most marina facilities. That means you have to take the boat out of the water… but if you store it improperly or around other boats stored improperly, you might be in just as much trouble as leaving it in the water…

These are the kinds of decisions we are talking about. Fortunately, your local PowerTime base has a plan. Not only is your local base manager experienced in the plan, they have the knowledge of dozens of other base owners to help them create the best possible plan for any given storm situation. So, while private owners shell out big bucks and countless hours, preparing before and putting it all back together, after the storm, our owners know they are being taken care of as best can be.

You might even have time to write your base manager a quick note like this one our Annapolis base recently received:

THANK YOU !! ¬†Every time I watch any news coverage about Irene I think of your preemptive action, which I agree with completely, and say a quiet “thank you” for your work.

Gary R
Sabbath Bay
2009 Hunter 36

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