PowerTime Boat Club Expands Fleet with Aquador Luxury Powerboats from Nimbus Group

[Annapolis, MD] – PowerTime Boat Club, a premier provider of exclusive membership and ownership programs for luxury powerboats, has expanded its fleet offerings through a new collaboration with Nimbus Group. PowerTime will be introducing the acclaimed Finnish brand, Aquador, to its distinguished fleet, providing members and owners with an elevated boating experience. 

 Exclusive to the North American market through PowerTime, Aquador’s elegantly designed cabin cruisers will be available at over 10 PowerTime locations across 8 U.S. states. Known for their sophisticated styling and performance capabilities, Aquador powerboats complement PowerTime’s commitment to top-tier luxury boating experiences. 

Aquador 300 ht at anchor with couple in cockpit

“We’re thrilled to partner with Nimbus Group and introduce Aquador boats to our fleet,” said Todd Hess, CEO of The SailTime Group LLC, parent company of PowerTime Boat Club. “These cabin cruisers perfectly augment our lineup, premiering first at our Punta Gorda location.”

As part of the shared boat membership program, Aquador boats will provide PowerTime members with a new option to experience luxury powerboating without maintenance and storage responsibilities. For ownership opportunities, Aquador also presents a prestigious addition to PowerTime’s fleet. 

“The partnership with PowerTime is a perfect fit, allowing members to experience the luxury and performance of Aquador boats, while simultaneously providing Aquador with a swift and extensive market entry across significant regions of the USA.” said Michael Bohm, CMO of Nimbus Group. 

The public unveiling of Aquador boats will occur at the St. Petersburg Boat Show, January 2024. This expansion underscores PowerTime’s commitment to providing unmatched, high-end boating through exclusive brand partnerships. 

To learn more about PowerTime Boat Club and the new Aquador fleet offerings, please visit powertimeboating.com/fleet.