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Sail for Free at Toronto Base

If you were thinking about joining PowerTime in Toronto, Canada next season, here’s a great opportunity:  Join any one of PowerTime GTA’s fleet of 7 boats now at our Toronto boating club and don’t start your PowerTime membership payment until Spring 2012. In essense, you are boating for free during the rest of this summer and fall!

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It’s a win-win: You get signed up, oriented and some hands on boating time in September and October and PowerTime Toronto reduces their recruiting and training workload during the busy spring launch time. The Fall is the perfect season to take lessons and get used to how our program works in Toronto. That way you will get the most you possibly can out of your membership next season!

Every day you wait is one less day of free time. So, contact the base today to learn more and get started with the PowerTime boating lifestyle that features flat rate boating which is more affordable than traditional boat ownership or charter.

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