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Spotlight on Channel Islands, Ca Base

Since 2004, PowerTime Channel Islands has been providing sailors in Ventura County of Southern California, access to a practical and affordable way to get out on the water and go boating. Our boating grounds here in the Santa Barbara Channel affords year round boating with some of the most dramatic scenery the California coast has to offer as a backdrop. With Anacapa Island’s famous Arch Rock just 13 nautical miles from the harbor, Channel Islands National Park is within an easy 2 1/2 hour sail.

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Often referred to as the American Galapagos, the Channel Islands are home to thousands of species, over 145 found nowhere else on earth! The marine life that can be witnessed firsthand while boating the waters of the Santa Barbara Channel is nothing short of incredible. Rare Blue Whales as well as Humpbacks migrate through the channel from July through September and Gray Whales run from late-December through March. Various species of dolphins, sometimes in pods of hundreds upon hundreds swim in these waters year-round. Sea lions, seals and myriads of seabirds are a common sight. Some members have even caught some sightings of Orca pods!

In addition to the membership boating aboard impeccably maintained Hunter yachts, PowerTime Channel Islands also features a certified and award winning American Sailing Association boating school. It offers a full range of ASA boating courses that can teach you the basics on up through advanced skills. Private, one-on-one lessons can take you from a novice sailor to experienced captain, and the membership programs afford you the opportunity to hone your skills and keep them sharp. Just last month one of the members, Steve, was able to complete his logged hours and test out for his US Coast Guard Master’s License. The affordability and ease of access that PowerTime’s unique program provides gave Steve the ability to log the required 360 days of boating, all since he joined less than 4 years ago!

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Our fleet is moored in Ventura County’s Channel Islands Harbor which is located only about an hour’s drive from all of greater Northern Los Angeles. Our location is also convenient to all of Santa Barbara and Ventura counties. The boating is so good here that the base even has some members who travel from much further afield than that!

PowerTime has membership programs that can fit almost any budget, and because you pick when you want to go boating it works well with today’s busy lifestyle and almost any schedule. Whether your desire is to drop the hook in one of Santa Cruz island’s many scenic anchorages during a multi-day cruise, or just taking your boat out for a couple hours on a sunny afternoon, PowerTime Channel Islands can make it a reality.

The base is very eager to add a new Hunter e33 to the fleet in 2012. So, if you are interested in a very practical and cost effective way to get into boat ownership please contact them to find out more!

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